Feeling Batty

When I was younger, I only thought of bats as the little critters who would swoop down to chase me when I would walk to check my mailbox in the night. Now that I am older I know a little better, those bats were actually just swooping down eating insects there were near me. Bats help keep down the mosquito population so that makes me happy.

In my ecology class I had the chance to go out and get some hands on experience working with bats. Mist nets were set up, the bats were removed from the net and then tagged, if they weren’t already, sexed, weighed and examined for wounds or parasites.
This data goes towards help studies of bats in the Virgin Islands. Bats are the only native mammals to the Virgin Islands and they do not had rabies .

On bat lab you have a chance to see more than just bats! Different insects come out at night, you can find little frogs! And see lizards sleeping on branches. While you are waiting for anbat bro be caught you can take a break and look up at the stars. Magen’s bay doesn’t have much light pollution so its a good place to look at the stars.

My Perception of Wildlife

To me wildlife is all organisms in their niches, together as a functional ecosystem. Most people think as wildlife as only being things that are deemed exotic, how ever I see from the tiniest insect to large mammals. Wildlife has many beneficial outcomes for humans such as pollination,natural pesticides and medicines. Its when the lines of the human world and wildlife cross is when humans stop seeing wildlife as exotic and wonderful, instead they see them as nuisances. I have always felt that animals were here first, humans are very invasive. Every year at least 5 more species are threatened with extinction due to habitat lost cause by human greed. Its really sad, this is why I will dedicate my life to conservation. By time I have children if I have children they will only be able to see videos and pictures of many of the animals and habitats I have been able to see and experience.